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Walloon Lake Real Estate, Michigan


There are thousands of properties that offer lakefront living in Northern Michigan, but only a few on prestigious Walloon Lake. Walloon Lake real estate is so desirable because, quite simply, it is unique. Walloon Lake is the 22nd largest lake in Michigan with over 30 miles of wooded shoreline. It is also one of the state’s deepest and cleanest lakes, with 100 foot depths in the West Arm and 80 foot depths in the Wildwood and Main basins. Formed by glaciers and spring fed, it is over 100 feet higher than nearby Lake Michigan and Lake Charlevoix.

The key to buying or selling real estate in the exclusive community of Walloon Lake is to find an agent who really knows the lake and the people on it. Many of the properties that sell on Walloon Lake never make it into the MLS system; they close before most people ever hear that they were for sale. You need to work with an agent who knows the buyers and sellers of Walloon Lake properties, who knows about those “off-market” sales, that aren't made public, or you simply won’t have the best or most complete opportunity. Also, because Walloon Lake is filled with so many wonderful little nooks and crannies, with bays and small stretches of shoreline that are very different from each other, you need to work with someone who knows the lake like the
back of their hand. You need an agent who knows which areas of Walloon Lake garner higher or lower prices, someone who knows the type of lake bottom at the shoreline, who knows which properties have predominantly offshore or onshore breezes, or morning versus evening sun. You need someone who knows which parts of Walloon Lake tend to remain calm for water-skiing and tubing, which parts of Walloon are breezier for sailing, and which parts are more ideal for fishing, swimming, or an afternoon cruise. When it comes to Walloon Lake real estate, that person is Jim Kerr of Walloon Realty, LLC.

“Take a boat tour of the lake with Jim and I guarantee by the end of it you’ll know more about Walloon Lake and the Walloon real estate market yourself than the next 3 agents combined ever knew.” Mark Love, Tamarack Point


Walloon Lake, Michigan

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